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Superna has been a wonderful teacher and coach to me. I have found her easy to trust and particularly admire her matter-of-fact style, balancing practical insights on handling life and relationships with spiritual insights and processes. Her meditation techniques are always powerful and helpful in opening areas I want to work on. A great listener as well as an experienced coach, Superna has helped me make breakthroughs in several areas of my life, work and business.
Richa Saklani
Founder and CEO, Inomi Learning
I have known Superna for over a decade through Yoga. She has been my teacher and coach on holistic wellness not only through yoga lessons but perspective on life , happy and wholesome living. Given her corporate background, she has a unique perspective and ability to understand demands and challenges of modern active life. Coupled with a strong work ethic, technology orientation and communication skills, she has been a solid pillar through my life's journey.
Raj Jain
Managing Partner. Bounce Inc.
Most people are special, but only a few are super-special. And that's what Superna is. Her ability to reinvent herself periodically, even as she evolves and grows, both intellectually and spiritually, is a gift she has been bestowed with and one she generously shares with whoever comes in touch with her. Whether it's through Yoga or Well-being and Life coaching, she has trained and mentored so many who have all found their lives enriched, both physically and emotionally. Superna is constantly seeking and learning, hence her teaching is organic, fluid and hugely beneficial for those who learn from her.
Dinesh Khanna
I have been a participant in Superna’s workshops for over 5 years now and I find myself going back for more. The manner in which she shares the Louise Hay philosophy and brings it to life for us is both motivating and practical. By sharing relevant videos and affirmations Superna is able to place the concept or idea in front of us and allow us to reflect on it. Simultaneously by highlighting real life examples - hers and ours (we are encouraged to share if we like) - the concept is driven home with great clarity. For me there is often a moment in her workshops when the ‘penny drops’ and I know I have truly understood that idea or philosophy. It is a very invigorating moment. I like Superna’s easy going and nurturing style coupled with a firmness that ensures we do not take the easy way out and are compelled to think deeply and reflect on our own life and specific situations. The short meditations she weaves into the process help me feel centered and focussed. At the end of every workshop with her I have felt energized and positive. All my problems are naturally not magically resolved, but I can see the light and have an inner belief that with a positive approach and by practicing inner work and affirmations - I can find the solution
Aradhana Lal
Vice President-Brand, Communications & Sustainability Initiatives Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd.
I have known Superna for over a decade now. The practice of yoga is a most integral part of my life and that is what connected us. Superna is comfortable in her own skin. She is free, fearless and bold. She indeed walks her talk. What started as a yoga practice has grown into a very special bond. Her classes are intuitive, spontaneous, complete and stilling. I also feel pride to have witnessed her metamorphosis from a yoga teacher to a teacher of teachers, an accomplished Well-being and Life Coach and a Louise Hay philosophy teacher. Her style of coaching and teaching is authentic , honest and transformational.
Rohini Singh
Spiritual Teacher and author ( of many books)
I have known Superna for almost 3 decades.The cliche about wine holds so true for her. I watched her with awe as she reinvented herself as a “ corporate warrior “ as a person who is now creating transformation in people’s lives through different modalities, led by a strong and integrated yoga practice and teaching. Superna is my friend and my teacher. She is kind and empathetic but more important grounded and no- nonsense. She is able to unerringly address issues and dilemmas that bother me. She is patient and non-judgemental, two skills that all of us need to cultivate. She epitomises the Complete Teacher and I am grateful to have your guidance and presence.
Subrat Padhi
Financial Consultant and Entrepreneur
Superna is one of my first teachers. Her presence, her special ability to connect with her students and her energy are her unique qualities.I have learnt and shared our faith and belief in the life transforming philosophy of Louise Hay ( which she teaches) yoga and pranayama. Being part of her journey , inspired by her as a human being,teacher, friend and parent has been indeed rewarding and beautiful. With love and gratitude.
Ritika Sood
Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator

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