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Crystal Healing

Crystals come in a large variety of different shapes and sizes that have an influence of the stone’s healing energy. Some shapes occur naturally and others have been man made or cut and polished to create a new shape
Different types of Crystal Shapes

1. Natural Point

This is a natural unaltered raw crystal that is powerful for healing and directing the energy toward or away from the body.It amplifies your intentions.


A generator crystal has six points that meet equally at a sharp point. This shape is known as an energy amplifier helping to speed up results faster and increase a stone's overall healing powers.


A sphere shaped crystal emits energy from all angles and directions, creating an equal energy flow throughout an entire space.Helps to energy and purify your surroundings.


A pyramid features four equal sides with a base.They are known to deepen meditation and are effective to use when setting intentions or affirmations.It helps to transmit intentions into the universe.


They are powerful energy amplifiers in a uniform and repeating pattern. These stones radiate energy outwards. whilst cleansing and repeating pattern purifying the space around them. Perfect for manifesting harmony and peace in the home.


A crystal geode is a hollow cave-like stone with numerous smaller terminations inside.It will amplify the energy but will also soften it, allowing a slower release of a given energy.


Crystal wands are often cut and polished into shape.They are typically rounded on both ends and are popular with massage therapists and reflexologists. Other wands maybe pointed at one or both ends making them powerful stones for directing the flow of energy.


These stones are usually small and polished and are perfect to use in crystal grids, meditation and other healing practices.They are handy and durable which make them perfect for carrying.


This shape is known for its grounding properties.Hold and use when meditating to produce positive energy and connect you to the earth. Place in the corners of your room to create a protected space. 


Crystal Hearts represent love and connect with the energy of our heart chakra. These stones can be placed over this chakra in healing work. Small hearts can be used as pendants and while meditating.

11. Freeform

The freeform crystal is natural and unique.They can be used as decorative ornaments, paperweights, and stress relievers when held.The energy that is emitted helps to create a peaceful and relaxing environment.


An egg symbolizes new beginnings, fertility, rebirth, and a chance to try again. It's a great crystal for breaking old habits or addictions so you can form new healthier ones. The egg allows you to set your intention on shedding old negative patterns by focusing on new, healthy thoughts and lifestyle choices.

13. Palmstone

These stones are generally flat and are the perfect size to hold in the palm of your hand whilst meditating or carrying with you.You can also set your intentions or goals to help you focus and manifest your desires.

14.Double Terminated Points

Double terminated crystals have a single point at each end, formed naturally or through cutting and polishing. Their energy flows both ways taking energy in at one point, transmuting it, and emanating it at the other point. This makes them excellent tools for energy cleansing and to help balance the chakras.

*Basically, stones have electromagnetic powers dependent upon their characteristics. Crystals react to the body and connect to the thought intensity and subconscious mind. Connected to the heart beat, and blood energy as well. Crystals help to guide the mind what is right for you
Every color of crystal has its own characteristics, importance and purpose*.
You cannot release electronic items or wifi or other Infrared rays or Ultraviolet rays from your Homes or offices but you can place the related crystals near the equipments to clean or neutralize the negative energies.
The more interesting part is that now crystal jewellery is available to enhance your beauty and find the best results.
There are many other forms of crystals eg different idols, Vastu products and much more.
You can place it in your home offices as per your requirements.
Crystal bracelets or any other personal jewelry shouldn't be interchanged. It is connected to the body and mind frequency and becomes friendly to the person. If you give your crystal jewellery to the other person, it will break your frequency and you wouldn't find positive results. Therefore, every person should have its own personal crystal for his or her own personal problem.
Crystals can be used in pendent, mala, bracelets, tumbles, clusters, pyramids, eneregisors, wands, idols etc